TMCNet: Enterprises Split on Business Value of Instant Messaging

TMCNet News has an article covering findings of a survey on the use of IM in the enterprise.  According to their results, IM use, and in particular enterprise IM use, is pretty prevalent.  What I found interesting in the more detailed results on their site is that in North America, the larger you go in theContinue reading “TMCNet: Enterprises Split on Business Value of Instant Messaging”

InternetNews: IBM Aims to Burst Microsoft’s Office Communications Bubble

We announced today that we will be enabling integration between the Lotus Symphony product suite and Lotus Sametime and Lotus Sametime Unyte.  As always, Akiba does a better job than I could of summarizing why this is important (via InternetNews) “During an interview with, Akiba Saeedi, director of IBM’s Unified Communications and Collaboration division,Continue reading “InternetNews: IBM Aims to Burst Microsoft’s Office Communications Bubble”

Siemens Survey Tallies Losses from Communication Delays

Siemens recently released the results of an independent study undertaken to quantify just how much money companies lose when employees sit around waiting for information or lack access to the communications tools they need to do their job effectively.  Not surprisingly, the figures add up fast.   Or, to be more specific, they add upContinue reading “Siemens Survey Tallies Losses from Communication Delays”