Siemens Survey Tallies Losses from Communication Delays

Siemens recently released the results of an independent study undertaken to quantify just how much money companies lose when employees sit around waiting for information or lack access to the communications tools they need to do their job effectively.  Not surprisingly, the figures add up fast.  

Or, to be more specific, they add up to $13M a year for a 1000 person organization.

Here are some highlights from an eWeek article on the survey; you can find the full whitepaper here (registration required).

…a survey of communications users that found most waited an average of 5.3 hours per week for information needed to complete a task. That translates into $9 million per year in productivity losses for an enterprise with 1,000 employees based on $37 per hour salaries….

The survey also found that employees lost 7.8 hours of productivity per month because of a lack of communications tools at remote locations compared with their main offices. Based on a $37 per hour salary rate, the average reported by respondents, that would cost a 1,000 employee enterprise over $3 million per year in lost productivity, the study found.

The study also found that companies are wasting at least $3,400 per person each year in unnecessary business travel.


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